At we want the best for ourselves and those we love.  "BOTTOMS UP" is "A Company who Cares How You Feel" and we accomplish that by providing you with great quality ingredients that "Soak" to the bone and make you feel good no matter who you are.  This is our mission.  Our busy lives deserve comfort in trusting the right products we know we can trust.  Knowing that you are getting the best for you and your loved ones, is what matters.

"BOTTOMS UP" is a Men's & Women's Coconut Oil Beauty Boutique and we specialize in Natural Lip Balms, Hand & Body Scrubs infused with the best oils that moisture you.  The TROPICAL COCONUT BASIL LIP SCRUB IS A MUST HAVE and we are known for our COCONUT INFUSED LIP BALMS (TROPICAL MANGO IS EVERYONE'S FAVORITE... We also have unscented, wintergreen & our New Famous Lip Tints in four colors.. Sunset, Naked, Pink Sands and Beauty Bomb.

 Our Products HAVE NO MINERAL OIL which we know is not an absorbing "Great" Oil.   All of our Hand, Body Lotions & After-Shave and Body Balms are ALL infused with PURE COCONUT OIL amongst other absorbing nourishing ingredients. You will feel the difference when you use our products because we are "A COMPANY WHO CARES HOW YOU FEEL." 

We also have cuticle unscented & Chamomile Lavender balm.. Body, Hair and Massage pure Oils, pure Fragrance Oil balms to scent the body in a natural way and also for all of you UNSCENTED LOVERS we have that too our Famous No-Nonsense Nude Lotions and oils.  We are know for the CALMING LAVENDER FRAGRANCE BALM that is not only used as a scent but a stress natural re-leaser because of it's therapeutic aroma that CLEARS THE MIND, BODY AND SOUL.  We are known for using the best Pure Lavender oil from Africa in all of our Lavender products such as Body Scrubs, Lotions, Body & Massage Oils & fragrance Balms.

We are also a Wholesale Beauty Make-Up company as well... since I “Andrea Battis” am a certified make up artist I can get top-of-the-line products at a better cost for consumers to save money and at better quality cheap prices.. Also if you need my assistance for private events, weddings, models Etc... I do makeovers for all of the above... you can contact me at 339-222-0884.. or email me at :

If you also want products wholesale for your company I can help u with that as we’ll depending on what it is we would have to discuss in detail .. please contact me for further information ... 

As far as our natural coconut Products, All of our ingredients are GENEROUSLY CONCENTRATED WITH THE BEST OILS AND VITAMINS and most of our products are infused with PURE COCONUT OIL &  OTHER PURE OILS which is a great way to moisturize that help us feel GREAT through MIND, BODY AND SOUL....  Our products help nourish and drench the skin to make you feel alive like no other.. Check us out!  .....  You will be happy you did because you will know after using our Products that we are "A COMPANY THAT CARES HOW YOU FEEL!"


Andrea Battis