All of Our Reviews are directly on the products themselves but we keep these here for Gratitude towards our longtime customers.. Thank You .. and get your Moisturizer on...


June 25, 2014 - Jacqueline Ruggierio - Commisioner's Office  Boston,  MA

" I just want you all to know that i am a BIG FAN of  BOTTOMS UP PRODUCTS and I LOVE LOVE all of the lotions, scrubs, massage & body oils, candles, tarts, and body washes." "Girls" the Beauty Bomb Hair Oil is like no other and makes my hair silky smooth, shiny like brand new..  "Move over Bath & Body Works, Victoria Secrets & Sephora!"

June 29, 2014 - Amy Spencer - North Reading MA   Physical Therapist

Bottoms Up Lip Balms are "THE BEST" and i will never use anything again!  If you are looking for an all-natural and Organic Lip Balm, Bottoms Up is the only way to go!   They last long and smell great (Tropical Mango is my Favorite & my Husband likes the unscented one best).  The Lip Balms leaves your lips smooth and silky.  There is No Waxy Feeling Whatsoever.  They also make a great gift for anyone interested in all natural Beauty Products.  The all-Natural Scrubs leave your skin feeling so soft and smooth taking away any dryness that you have.. Perfect!

July 1, 2014 - Maureen Mc Donald - Bradford,  MA

I am a lover of "Bottoms Up" all Natural Coconut Oil infused products. My favorite is the No Non-Sense Nude Hand & Body Lotion which I use for hand and body but use every day for my face.  There is no Mineral Oil in this lotion and it moisturizes my face perfect. "I Love It!"  I have used a lot of their different body scrubs that have just enough oil infused in them to moisturize my feet, hands & body and my favorites are Sliced Pumpkin, Minty Breeze, Royal Treatment & Bahama Mama. There is no leaky oily mess dripping out of containers because "Bottoms Up" puts the perfect amount of ingredients with no drippy mess.  The lip balms are to die for.  They are the best i ever used. You never needing to reapply because of how great they soak in your lips with only a thin layer and no need to re-apply every 10 minutes. It stays on for hours and is never sticky or gets yucky in the corner of your mouth.  Highly recommend all their products and their wax tarts for tart warmers are to die for, and they look good enough to eat.   

July 2, 2014 - Jenny E. - Citizens Bank - MA

I have tried a few of this companies lotions and they are all amazing.  I always had issues with dry hands but by using your lotions my hands and body feel soft, hydrated and they continue to be smooth all day.  The "Royal Treatment" Lotion is by far my favorite lotion and it smells like heaven!  I also bought your tropical Mango lip balm and Love it!  My lips are so soft and they never peel!  I'm obsessed with it!  I also love the fact that there is no alcohol in your fragrance oils and their made of natural ingredients.  Your high quality products and ingredients definitely demonstrate the passion you have in this industry.  I'm a Customer for Life! 

July 3, 2014 - Evgenia Mastrogiannakou - 

Cancer Survivor 22 yrs old Boston  MA

I am a two Time Cancer survivor and want the best products that are natural and healthy and i was introduced by a friend to "Bottoms Up" coconut oil infused products.  I can honestly say i have never been so happy with the quality, scents, ingredients, content, pureness and effectiveness with any line of products but "Bottoms Up."  You can tell the time and effort that was taken in every product.  "Trust Me" I've had much time on my hands to research while being sick to see what is best and this is it.  The "Beauty Bomb" Hair Oil is unreal and so nourishing and gives a shine of glass to my hair that is starting to grow back and the ingredients i can understand and is natural and no chemicals. I also love the hand and body coconut oil infused lotions.  My favorite is the Bahama Mama because i feel like im on vacation when i use it and my skin is like silk because of the way it works and soaks into my skin.  I Love It!  I could never go back to any store brand because the difference and care that is put into these products is clear visually and physically and after getting Chemo and Radiation my skin is so sensitive and can't use a lot of different things because of the bad ingredients and the ways they don't work.  The Lavender Line this company carries in the body scrub, lotion & fragrance balm is so so great because the oil they use is from Africa is takes away the stress from your day and it is a proven fact true lavender will do that for you. Wow I Love the Tropical Mango Lip Balm because it is to die for and my favorite scents are Bahama Mama, Juicy Cukes & Melon & Calming Lavender Bloom.  I highly Recommend all of their products because they are amazing and reasonably priced compared to some of the other companies that aren't affordable to the average person. 

July 5, 2014  John E. Wilde - Lead Vocalist & Guitarist "BlindSide Thunder" RI

  Bottoms Up Coconut Oil Products are top shelf!  "MARINE FORCE" for men is the best product going for men!  This company really cares about both women and men and provides the best quality products on the market to include natural scrubs.  Being a touring musician my skin can get dried out but "MARINE FORCE" takes care of my 

dry skin with all of the quality natural ingredients!!  Just Love this

Company and product line!

June 21, 2014 Alexandra Soule - Vermont 

I tried the "Signature Tropical Coconut Basil" Lip scrub followed by the Tropical Mango Lip Balm.. I absolutely Love It!  I never thought of exfoliating my lips.. but now they feel so great with the lip balm on afterwards.. I Highly recommend getting both.

July 8, 2015  Karen Letch - Boston - Probation Dept.

I purchasesd the Royal Treatment Scrub (Hand, Body & Feet) Lotion and I Love Love Love this.  The scrub makes my skin & hands so soft.  I really like washing my hands at night before i go to bed with this scrub because when i wake up in the morning my hands are soft.  The smell of the lotion is like being in a room full of Champagne & Strawberries.  It smells that good!  It feels creamy going on and feels great going into your skin.  I purchased the Powder Puff and Piece of Cake for my sisters and niece and they love it.  They want to know when i am going to reorder because they want more too!  Thanks to President Andrea Battis for makin such great products.  I will be ordering again.

July 10, 2014 - Laurie Raia - Bradford MA

I use Bottoms Up Products.  I love the unique scents Andrea invented.  They are Natural and no Mineral Oil.  I am a nurse and i am constantly washing my hands.  I love the hand & body scrubs which makes my hands feel soft & smooth!  I will continue to use these products that put life back into my skin.  I'm sure that if anyone tries these products you will fall in love with the feeling you get because they really do care about how you feel.

July 18, 2014 - Joseph P. Santoro - MGH Boston MA

I really like your Bottoms Up products.  The Lip Balms are great in the Cold weather before skiing and in the hot weather sunning on the dock.  I especially like the Navy Seal after shave & Body Balm.  Great Scent!!  The coconut infused after-shave balm  applies easy and lasts a long time.  The products are Awesome!  Good Luck with this great line .. It is well made and looks and smells great. 

 July 20, 15 - Kimba - Musician a DJ - Malden MA

The products are amazing!!  I love the Hand, Body & Foot Scrubs which i use daily.  Your Body will love you for using these amazing products!

August 1, 14 - Rebecca Popp - Marketing - Boston MA

When it comes to skin care products i chose only the best all natural & have been extremely satisfied with all the products from Bottoms Up!  To start- "Graceful" body oil and lotion ... smell AMAZING!! and the scent stays on you all day long.  You can feel the coconut oil and other great ingredients soak into your skin rather than gloss over and do nothing like most lotions anyways.  Next, the lip scrub!  My Lips have never felt so smooth.   They look even better then they feel.  The perfect primer for a lipstick wearer such as myself.  The lip Balm is the best to top it all over.  It Glides on so smoothly (not waxy) and stays supple for hours to come.  Finally the "Beauty Bomb" Hair Oil.. Smells AMAZING!! I've gotten compliments from the guys that i work with.  All you need is a pea sized drop and your locks will shine like glass.  I AM IN LOVE. THANK YOU ANDREA OWNER OF "BOTTOMS UP!'

August 7, 14 - Bob Colachico - Business Owner - North Reading MA 

We are enjoying all the Bottoms Up products I purchased... those for myself and my girlfriend. I carry the lip balm with me everywhere.  I chose "Slice of Pumpkin" for my hand and body Lotion.  It's a very clean fragrance suitable for either gender.  The lotion works well, it goes on easy and has a clean fragrance suitable for either gender.  The products are affordable priced by comparason to larger market competitors.  I would recommend trying these products and making your own comparison... You will find your saving more and getting a better product.

September 21, 2014 - Melissa Lori -Published Model - Miami Beach, Fl

Loving all my new products from  Love the Body Scrubs... These are great for the Mind, Body & Soul.  All natural products for Men and Women. Soaps, Scrubs, Lip Wear, Hair Care, Lotions, and more.  Check them Out!!

October 5, 2014 - Crystal McCallum Published Model-Dallas, Texas 

New addictions!!!!! and thanks so much for my goodies.. everyone give her a follow & I swear by her Chapstick by far is the best I've ever had ... Check out Bottoms Up and her boyfriend stated he loved these products and they are amazing "the Navy Seal After-shave & Body Balm and the Navy Seal Body Scrub." 

February 28, 2017 Susan Giacobbe -  Tilton, N.H.  Fitness Instructor at Self Employed

By far, the triple moisturizing soaps are so worth it! They are amazing because it is a moisturizer in a bar.. my skin feels so soft and got it's natural true color back, not dry lookin..  and i love that i always get new samples of what is up and coming .. my Sister and Aunty love the lip Scrub and the lip balms.  I especially love the Tropical Mango which i found out is their #1 lip Balm .. it doesn't have a sticky or pasty feel and glides on very lightweight and is very moisturizing.. i especially love using it after i exfoliate my lips with their awesome lip scrub that lasts for ever... my lips feel like a babies bottom.. Bottoms Up truly cares about their customers and i love all of my products and will continue to use them..

May 29, 2017  Stephen Diaz - Police Officer Middlesex County Sheriff's Office

I have to say, i am a man's man but do like to take care of my skin especially when i am outside in the Elements that dry my face .  I have used the "Marine Force" aftershave and body balm which has no alcohol in it so there is no burn and that has been a problem with products i have tried in the past especially from Sephora which is very pricy . Not to mention it moisturizes my skin so good but it is not greasy and it doesn't sit there it soaks in and it smells so good.. My Wife loves the smell and can't wait till i buy her some products which i will because if i say it is good quality she trusts my word. I highly recommend any of these products.  There is a lot of care and quality put into all of them. Enjoy and try you will not be dissapointed!!!

August 25, 2015  Jacqueline Seymour - Singer, Songwriter, Model , Recording Artist  Swanzea, MA

Products are Fabulous.. Beautiful line of Products..xoxoxoxoxo

March 2, 2016 Pamela Da Vincent -nurse- South Carolina

Natural Products designed and made by an amazing Woman, who is caring loving inside and out and great at running an amazing line that is great for your skin that makes you feel good mind, body & soul... 

June 26, 2016 - Sasha Washington - Realtor Miami, Fl.

I am a very Picky person about what i put in my hair especially because i hate the frizzies.. I have been using the "Beauty Bomb" Hair Oil and i also love the Body Oil in same scent .. the Hair Oil makes my curls perfect without frizz and i rub on my fingertips the oil for my scalp to take care of dryness not to mention my skin with the body oil is amazing.. The Beauty Bomb Scrub i got as a sample to try and use before i use oil on body and i feel like a million with nice moisturized skin and i am Black descent and need good quality and  i am very thankful that i found a company that uses coconut oil in all of the products i need which is the best ever.. Thanks Bottoms Up .. i Love the great products you make that i appreciate so much.. 

July 26, 2016  Bianca Romanow - Singer, songwriter, Model - Manhattan, NY

First i want to say my boyfriend is obsessed with the wintergreen Lip Balm and can't go anywhere without it and needless to say i follow his footsteps as well and we will fight for the last tube in the house. lol..  The scrubs for the lips and body are amazing and can't be beat and the prices are fantastic compared to what they sell around here in NY but we love the quality and how the lip Balms and the Scrubs heal our bodies and the hand and body lotions for women i am obsessed with and the men's new "Wave Runner" smells and feels so great after my boyfriend shaves with no Bumps i repeat!!! no alcohol! yay!! Bottoms Up is a winner for us .. Check it out!!!